The Funeral Book Project is based on a found ledger book from George P. Potter & Son Funeral Home in Bridgeport, CT. The ledger contains entries for nearly 400 burials handled by the morticians between 1960-1968. Each of the funerals listed records extensive details about the deceased including name, social security number, date of birth, occupation, spouse, place/date/cause of death, mother’s/father’s name and place of birth, burial location, and funeral cost. I spent a week in Bridgeport, researching further information about the individuals listed in the ledger book. My research yielded information that is disparate and spotty, highlighting the scarcity of evidence that remains of ordinary lives from an era before the internet and digital footprint. In order to map and organize the information I did find, I constructed PowerPoint presentations. PowerPoint has the veneer of authority, visually elevating subject matter to occupy the same level as fact. By forcing the fragmented information into existing PowerPoint templates, I hope to imbue the work with a subtle humor. These works reflect the obscurity that awaits us all eventually and the random, almost absurd, details that outlive us.